10 Immediate Things You Need to Do After a Vehicle Accident


A vehicle accident can happen even to the best driver. Other careless drivers and weather conditions might also pull you into some accident. Once you have found yourself in one, the best thing you can do is to react immediately by forgetting the immediate shock as fast as possible for the sake of everyone involved. In fact, after an accident, the first few minutes are so crucial you can reduce further carnage or save a life. After an accident, here are a number of things you need to immediately carry out.

  1. Check injuries

Ensure you have ensured there are no injuries to yourself or any other person, including every other car involved before calling 911 or any other emergency service.

  1. Move the car if possible

In case no further injuries can be found and your car is good enough to move, you might want to get it off the road. Alternatively, the car might be utterly damaged, but you can put danger signs both at the back and in the front of the scene of the accident to avoid a possible pile up.

  1. Safety of passengers

If the car is unable to move, perhaps the passengers can. Move them beside the road to a safer distance while taking good care of children so that they don’t  wander farther from the road as you argue with other drivers and people involved.

  1. Police report

In case of a huge accident, the car can be moved and if the other individual seems uninsured or drunk, calling the authorities will be very helpful. A police report is very handy in a car insurance claim. Call a tow truck to come and take the car to a garage as you call the insurer in case of large damages and injuries.

  1. Documenting everything

After doing checks, calling all involved and ensuring everyone is safe, use your cell phone to document everything surrounding the accident, while taking pictures and video. There will be no arguments about who caused the crash.

  1. Exchange information

Ensure you have exchanged information in case the authorities seem not to make a report. Ask and find out all about the insurance, driver and car details. In case the other driver is trying to be difficult, record all that you can. Take his car license plate in case he has refused to cooperate. Road and weather conditions relevant should also be recorded.

  1. Accepting liabilities and blames

It is very important not to accept any liability or blame anyone. It is the work of the insurance company and the police to determine this. On the other hand, it could become ugly.

  1. Request witness indulgence

In case of any witness, ask them if they could offer you their details; disagreements by either of the parties involved might occur in the future and the witness will come in handy.

  1. Drive safe

In case the car is good and fit to drive, do it safely and carefully. Find a garage and give them a chance to look at the automobile.

  1. Pets or animals

In case you hit a wild or pet animal, do not try to treat it on the road if you cannot call the owner. A humane society or the police can help.

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