3 Reasons you Shouldn’t Feel Bad about Making a Car Accident Claim


Making compensation claims is commonplace these days and you’ll find most people know someone who has either made a claim, or been on the receiving end of a case against them.

There’s a bit of a stigma attached to those trying to seek compensation for their injuries and trauma, particularly with car accidents where injuries like whiplash cannot be proven. There are also a lot of scams relating to this industry, which has pushed the amount of false or fraudulent claims through the roof.

If you have been the true victim of an accident that wasn’t your fault, you should not feel guilty for seeking financial help for the emotional and physical trauma you have endured.

Here are 3 reasons you should not feel bad making a claim after your accident:

Premium worries

If you’re seeking compensation it is unlikely you feel you were at fault for the accident, after all, you can’t make a claim against yourself.

People often worry that any claim will result in a rise in their insurance premium. You should definitely consider your no claims bonus, especially if you have had it for a long time. You should also consider the fact that even if you feel you were not at fault, you could still be found at fault at the end of your claim which will affect your insurance costs.

Every case is different and you should remain aware of the implications of making a claim, however, if you have been hurt in an accident and you were not at fault, you deserve the opportunity to seek justice. You will easily be able to seek sound, friendly advice on how it will affect your policy before committing to the claim.

Don’t discount small injuries

Some people feel that because the injury sustained was initially quite small, they are making a fuss over nothing by making a claim.

This is a common mistake to make and leads to a lot of people looking back and wishing they had taken action sooner after the accident occurred. Remember if you hadn’t been in the accident, you wouldn’t have been injured at all.

Insurance has been made to accommodate these claims

In an ideal world we wouldn’t have any need to make insurance claims, however it is worth remembering what insurance was designed for. The reason insurance is taken out is not just to protect against the costs of vehicle damage but damage to people as well. Most policies will include details on personal injury because they know it is commonplace. Although you should never take out a claim without any thought, you should remember that insurance companies deal with thousands of these claims every day and have been designed to accommodate these incidents.

If you’re considering taking out a claim, remember that the most important person in the equation is you. Your insurance company is designed to deal with car accident claims and the sooner you make the first enquiry, the sooner you have a chance of being compensated for your injuries. Your body, mind and life can be damaged and changed forever after a car accident, speak now and get the money you deserve.

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