How to Reverse a Caravan Around a Corner


One of the biggest fears a lot of us tend to have about buying a caravan is the thought of reversing it around a corner. It seems like quite an intimidating prospect and is something not a lot of us would relish having to do. However, bear with us as we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you tackle those reversing manoeuvres without issue.

The Bump

Initially you will put your car in reverse and set off. However, it often takes a little bit of power before the car moves and this can lead to a bump at the start before the caravan frees up and moves. This is often down to the caravan’s auto-reverse feature. This is added to prevent it rolling away, though when you’re reversing it initially it may give you a shock – so beware.

Two and One

Twin axle caravans are a lot easier to control when reversing than single axel vans and this is down to the extra set of tyres slowing things down and making things more controllable. Single axle tourers can pivot on wheels and this can make for sharper turning. In addition, do note that the shorter the distance the quicker the unit will move – beware of banging them off another item as this can cause a crash and a call to your caravan insurance broker or company.

Straight line

If your car and the axel aren’t in a straight line before you send your caravan off then you will find it hard to keep things straight. To ensure they are straight, drive forward a few feet and this will help. When reversing, keep an eye on the caravan and move the steering wheel near to the mirror if it becomes larger in that particular mirror – this should help keep it straight. If it goes too far off, then simply pull forward and straighten it up.

Reversing around a Corner

This can also be something that needs to be done, though can be a little tricky because of the nature of the beast. The best way to set up is to drive past the pitch to ensure the wheels are just past the edge of it then look over the shoulder. Turn the wheel in a full rotation in the opposite direction in a similar manner to if you were reversing without a caravan. Then move back slowly and the caravan should begin to turn.  It’s important to concentrate to ensure that the position stays straight. If it pulls off too far just straighten up to stop this.

Following these tips will prevent mishaps and ensure you have no problems reversing your caravan anywhere.

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