A Technological Treasure-The Sophistication And Complexity Of The Modern Tire


The tire is a humble part of a car that many do not really pay much attention to. However, if the tire was inspected a little deeper, the technological treasure that it is will be clearly defined. It comes with a lot of sophisticated elements and hidden complexity apart from being a technological marvel on it’s on own right that blends together to let you enjoy a drive every now and then. The tire is the treasure that connects the car and the road, allowing you to drive your car. As you drive, tires make sure you are able to grip the car, transmit braking force and acceleration, guide the car accurately and give your ride the cushion it deserves. Apart from the various conflicting requirements that a tire has of comfort, driving accuracy, endurance and grip, the tire design does not compromise on anything.

Unmasking The Tire

The tire has about 200 components within its ranks and some of them play a very important role in the area of performance, efficiency of fuel and safety while modern ones have some of these components providing a very important eco-friendly touch. About 20 percent of the fuel consumed by a car happens as a result of the tires. This is the reason those who would like to use as less fuel as they can amidst having the safest tire capable of lasting longer can always choose from the huge number of modern tires available today. The modern clever tire technology is made in a way that the design decreases the rolling resistance of the tire leading to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and better fuel economy.

Latest Green Tire Technology  

The modern tire ensures less fuel has been used; ensures an excellent performance has been accomplished in some of the wettest conditions. For instance, some have 100 percent rubber tire with silica, heralding a whole new generation of tires. Most tire makers have turned to silica after using carbon black for ages and thus have been able to generate green tires that consume less fuel. Those that have launched these eco-friendly makes have been able to answer to the clarion call by activists and governments that basically everything should not be harmful to the environment, selling millions of eco-friendly tires across the world. In turn, these new generation treads with a robust fuel economy have been able to save billions of liters of gasoline, a step that helps in lowering carbon dioxide emissions by over thirty million tons.

Programmed Distortion

The steering responsiveness and precision in a tire are related to the temperature of the rubber as well as deformations that exist on it. The current technology used today is seeking to address this problem by ensuring that the tire remains at a very optimal temperature during its operation. During low speeds, it is possible for the tread to heat up fast all in reaching the flexibility level needed for best traction. During high speeds, the tire will stiffen, preventing a build up of temperature.

While buying tires, know they are supposed to let your car touch the ground and thus should be up to the task.

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