Can You Afford to Spare Mother Earth and Drive a Green Car?

None of us thinks much about environmental pollution and climate change while choosing a car or any other transportation means, do we? The things that really matter for most of car-consumers are the price, reliability, comfort and fuel consumption.

The “green car” phenomenon sounds nice and trendy, but no one speaks of its efficiency for the one who actually drives it! How come?

Yes, we do love and care for Mother Nature but how many of us can afford a green car?

A green car is a motor vehicle that is powered by alternative fuel, thus having less harmful impact on environment than traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles. There a few types of vehicle that can be classified as a green car;

  • Electric cars
  • Air-powered cars
  • Hybrid cars
  • Other alternative fuel powered green cars

What are the benefits of owning a green car?

There are three major benefits or incentives of buying a green car.

Probably the biggest benefit goes for Mother Nature! There’s no use of stating that a green car has a huge contribution in building sustainable and healthy environment for us and our children.

Secondly, green car drivers benefit from saving money on fuel supply, cause diesel and gasoline prices have global rising trend and never seem to decline.

And finally, when buying a green car you can earn some tax credits and save money on taxes depending on the very type of the vehicle you purchase.

Is driving a green car a privilege of the rich?

Actually all government and manufacturers’ efforts are drawn toward lowering the cost of driving a green car. However, car prices remain the biggest obstacles for consumers to go green.

But, if you can afford buying a 35,000$ car, then you can definitely afford caring for the nature and buying a green car instead of conventional one.

Here are a few eco-friendly brand cars that we would suggest;

VolksWagen Golf Bluemotion 2010 Ford Focus ECOnetic Nissan Leaf audi etron green car honda-civic-hybrid green car

In conclusion, let me assume that you can always reach a comprise between “comfortable, safe, affordable” and “eco-friendly, low-emission, green” cars.  Carefully consider all the benefits and disadvantages of buying a green car.

So care for the nature, care for your pocket and be reasonable in choosing the best car for you and your family.

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