Cars of the Future


Vehicular transportation is the dominant method of transit in the world today. Be that as it may, automobile technologies haven’t advanced too much over the last 100 years. Even though there are some improvements, the principles stay the same. However, as technologies develop, new trends are emerging and the cars of the future might be a far cry from todays’ vehicles. For example, they will have much more…

Energy efficiency

The depletion of the known oil deposits is a growing concern, so the cars of the future will be much more energy efficient. They will be built with carbon fiber and polymer resin which will make them significantly lighter. It will be highly a ductile material which will improve aerodynamics, allowing for greater speeds. Those are not the only benefit, however, since the new materials will also serve as a battery. This type of car will be charged from the grid and will be able to drive around powered by nothing but the electricity stored in the car’s body. The technology will make future cars much more energy efficient and also more economical from a financial perspective as the material will be purely synthetic. This will also enable…

Safety improvements

Since the cars will be able to retain much more energy, this will allow for the installment of electromagnetic generators inside the panels. The cars will be equipped with constant scanners that will activate the fields if the conditions are dangerous. If another automobile is headed your way with a high velocity, your scanner will detect it and activate the field. In turn, the other car’s scanner will do the same. With the two fields interacting, the cars won’t crash. Furthermore, if potential accident is detected, the on-board computer of both cars will take evasive measures. This way car crashes will become a thing of the past. It will also enable…


The cars of the future will be able to drive you around without you even touching the wheel. This autopilot mode will be optional, unless the on-board computer detects certain potentially problematic instances, such as high alcohol level in the blood. In that case, the car will take control and will not let you drive.

Also, the autopilot will switch itself on in some high speed lanes. There will be a significant speed limit for manual mode due to the potential catastrophes. However, the speeds will be much greater when the autopilot is on.

Once again scanners connected to the on-board computer will provide the car with all the information it needs. The whole driving process will be double-checked by a GPS network to nullify potential accidents.


The “wheels” will be spherical (like in I,Robot) for better control when entering greater speeds. This will enable people to travel much faster more seamlessly.

On-board Computer

Even today computers are a dominant part of our daily lives so it’s not surprising that every car in the future will have one. The computer will do all the estimates and interpret all the information from the scanners. It will also plan the fastest and safest course of action during an eventual emergency.

The computer will also allow for easy communications while you’re on the road. With the autopilot taking over, you will be able to call anyone and have a conversation without even touching the display. You will also be able to read or even watch something you’re on the road without being irresponsible or putting anyone in danger.

Overall the cars of the future will be fast, smart, safe and efficient and will have everything to make your trip pleasant.

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