Creative Bike Design


We live in a world where speed is a great advantage. To experience that speed and the comfort of creative design, you should at least once in your life ride one of contemporary motorcycle models. Human imagination is inexhaustible and its influence on motorcycle design is no exception. Below are some crazy examples of innovative motorcycle designs, and I try to explain what makes them so fantastic.


Confederate Renovatio: Confederate’s previous motorcycle models, the Wraith and Hellcat, seemed to be the highlight of the company. It was impossible to think that they would create another model that would make such a boom. But the Renovatio is a wide step forward. The bike’s name itself carries this meaning — Renovatio (Latin for “rebirth”).

The bike was designed by Mr. Ed Jacobs. It’s skeletal look is almost perfect. It is one of the best motorcycles, which looks primitive but has a high technical value. One of the key points of its design is the use of the minimal details needed to execute its dynamic mission. That’s why it has a light weight and is capable of the utmost performance.

The water-cooled 90-degree V-twin engine insures the exhilarating power that you need –150 hp standard or 190 hp supercharged. Its driving concept is flexible to allow a place for growth and further iteration. Its nature differs from graceful motion to super brutal, the right things that may really allure bikers.


Peraves Monotracer: This model is really fantastic, though the only thing that it has in common with other bikes is the two wheels. Peraves Monotracer carries the right ideology — a combination of car and bike. The biker may feel the speed and extreme that bikes usually provide, while feeling the comfort of a cabin at the same time.

One thing that really amazes bikers is that these models have two extra “baby-wheels” that allow you to lean forward about 52 degrees. Thanks to its slim proportions its power can compete with racing motorcycles. The MonoTracer Company’s aim was to provide more power in an energy-efficient way, and the company succeeded.

These motorcycles are the perfect results of creative minds, and I always wonder what bike designs created by the next generation of designers will look like.

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