Dagger GT: New Look of the Supercar


Dagger GT –the world’s fastest, 2000 horsepower, 300 mph, mid-engine supercar, and it is an uncompromised and unobstructed, exhibition race car designed to astonish any car fan. The Dagger GT has excessive aim and ambition of becoming the most ominous production car ever built.


According to U.S. based TranStarRacing, the car design is based on the Corvette Cheetah model and will be manufactured only five in 2011.

cheetah-corvette-conceptThis car is a new look in the auto industry and the manufacturers believe sincerely in its success. It will be break every major record, from being the fastest on a straight line to being the quickest around the Nurburgring. The Dagger is based on a creative and innovative mid-engine concept car, by industrial designer Ivan Luccion. The current CAD design is by the talented Tom Van Ryn.

We expect, and intend, to set records for street-legal, production Supercars in all categories of racing. If you prefer a more comfortable street car, we can provide a more comfortable suspension system to fit your preferences. We also offer optional bolt-on packages (parachutes, etc.) so you can meet the requirements of the racing events that you may wish to participate in.

-TranStarRacing Team

Very soon the creator team of Dagger car and the car itself will be the number one performing supercar in the world. It will has a unique and astonish look. The Dagger produces 1300 HP on pump gas and 2000 HP on race fuel. They are provided via two fuel tanks and dual fuel injectors for each cylinder. If driven normally, with a light foot, fuel consumption is not difficult for a big block engine.

Dagger GT-D will be our drag racing model with Goodyear Pro Stock Slicks, hydraulic-launched double drag chutes, NHRA rollcage and a modified/changeable rear suspension that will allow 200 mph in the quarter mile for the people who love to drag race.

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