Easy Car Tips for Better Mileage


Mileage or fuel efficiency is among the important factors that you should consider when you want to select a car. Fuel efficiency is very important to many people. Many car buyers consider the mileage that the car offers when they make their buying decisions. They consider all other aspects such as accessories, specifications, and interiors secondary. All cars have their specified performance. You should maintain your car effectively in order to enhance its performance.

You can increase car mileage by using appropriate driving techniques and following a few simple tips:

1. Ensuring that acceleration is gentle

You should go easy and avoid accelerating unnecessarily. According to research studies, hard acceleration tests the mileage of your car by more than 22% when you drive it in the city and more than 25% when you drive it on the highways.
On the other hand, fuel efficiency will increase when you go easy. Hard acceleration will have no effect even when a pit or pothole prevents your car from moving. It will only cause damage to your transmission and engine. Instead, you should avoid trouble by accelerating gently and slowly. One can call the dvla helpline anytime for help or more information.

2. Watching your miles

Most cars have a gauge that helps to determine mileage. However, we only look at speed and fuel dials. You can know your driving habits by constantly watching the rpm meter or mileage gauge. You can see how the mileage figures change when you use different driving styles. This makes it easy for you to drive your car more carefully and take care of its mileage.

3. Shifting your gears accordingly when you have low Revs

You should reconsider your downshift and upshift points if your car comes with a manual gearbox. You should always remember to keep the engine speed needs low and without overworking the engine if you want better mileage. You should do so because it could enable you to save on fuel and control the engine by using a manual transmission at the same time and not because you love to control the engine speed. You should think peak mileage at all times.

4. Ensuring regular car servicing

If you want to get optimum performance, you should service your car on a regular basis. You should regularly change engine oil as well as other fluids. Higher fuel consumption occurs because of old engine oil. You should understand that fuel consumption is higher on highways than on city roads. You can also reduce the fuel efficiency by using air conditioners. You must always keep air filters clean because clogged ones lead to an increase in the engine pressure. Consequently, this will decrease fuel efficiency. Elimination of unnecessary baggage from your car is another way of improving the car mileage.

Fuel prices are increasing with each passing day and it has become necessary to save the perishable fuel. Fuel alternatives are becoming available from carmakers. You can therefore save fuel and get better mileage from your car by following the aforementioned simple tips. For more information on how you can reap maximum benefits from them, please call the dvla helpline today.

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