Finding a Family Friendly Car



Having a child will change your life in lots of ways, including your car choices. In other words, once the baby comes along with the car seat, diaper bag, toys, and snacks that tag along in the car, two doors stop being practical. |It is the time of a family friendly car. Don’t take the kids along as you go looking for new or used cars, but do take them to check out your final choice. It is a good idea to make sure that everyone fits before you pay up.


When you have an infant or child small enough for a child restraint, car shopping means three things:

  • Child safety
  • Easy access
  • cargo area

Child safety has everything to do with the child car seat. Other than safety you should find out how easy it is to secure and remove the seat. So, if you already own a car seat, or car seats, take them along when car shopping so you can see if it and your car-to- be are made for each other.

Some great Family Friendly Cars choices include the Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, and Chevrolet Malibu.

School Going Kids

School- age kids are more active and more independent. They bring things along in the car, ranging from soccer balls and football helmets to bikes, scooters, book bags and friends. Plenty of cargo space is vital for a family like this.

The Ford Fusion is a sedan that has many seat features. Two SUVs with fold-flat third-row seats are the midsized Toyota Highlander and the large Chevrolet Traverse.


Safety as passengers and new drivers is key here. Teens are often passengers in cars driven by teens. 60% of teenage passenger deaths in 2009 occurred in vehicles driven by another teenager. A car that’s not too fast, not too slow, not too big and not too small is what they should have at their disposal. This means no SUV’s as they are top heavy and apt to roll over, they also encourage teens to carry more passengers. Not too small means no sports cars, there is no need for that much power.

It is very common for parents to pass along their old car to their teenage children when they purchase a new car for themselves. But if you really want your kid to be safer, your child should be driving the newer, safer car, while you continue using the old one. Pure safety would say to give your child the new car. It is noteworthy that making such a move will have an effect on your insurance premiums as a new driver driving a new car will cost more than a new driver in an old car.

In any event, when looking for car dealers, lookup for cars that offer as many safety features as you can possibly afford.

Always keep in mind that how you drive will influence how your child will drive so be careful and practice what you preach.

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