Ferrari: 458 Spider’s New Design for 2012


For those of you who have heard the purr of a Ferrari engine, you know that the sound can turn heads. The sound of a Ferrari engine is not by any means noisy or obnoxious like some other leading sports car models. No. A Ferrari engine gives the light purr of performance at its most optimal level of elegance and poise. This engine doesn’t need you to know it’s got your car beat—you already know that it does and it has nothing to prove. Ferrari remains high class and for all that it costs and the hype that follows its name, this is the car you dream about and will always yearn for.

The Spider is the tip top model to look for when connoisseurs are scouring high end dealerships for their next driving machine. Ferrari knows they have to be at the top tier when it comes to design and innovation—they invented the words. The new model of Spider, the 458, is at the height of sleek design with the skilled driver in mind. The exterior has been modified for aerodynamic perfection, allowing compact buttresses which are compatible with the air flow and redirecting it toward the engines and the cooling radiators offering maximum speed and performance. Ever wonder why swimmers shave their legs? Ferrari had to trim all of the edges and fat off of the previous model to give the lean mean driving machine that you will now see as the 458 Spider.

This new and improved model now conceals the engine, something that was previously a major component of the design and was considered the Spiders trademark, converting the glass covering into aluminum. The concealed positioning of the engine and aluminum covering allows for a more compact design that keeps the car neat and better equipped to weave through the air, rain and sleet at better angles and speeds. The aluminum hard top also comes apart in pieces clipping its way down like a transformer, moving in an agile manner at a 180 degree turn to enfold itself between the engine and the back seat. There is now more space for storage in the back seat with the tucking of the convertible aluminum top.

In addition to the sleek compatibility of the new design on the exterior, the Ferrari cockpit is equipped with the support and ability to withstand any kind of accidental impact to withstand any rolling with respect to the drivers positioning and weight. Ferrari is the number one vehicle when it comes to the driver controlling the car and not the other way around. The steering wheel is fully loaded with all the necessary controls so you never have to remove your hands from it allowing the driver to experience high performance driving like Alonso himself at the Formula One starting line. With wishbone suspension and maximum speeds capping at 199 miles per hour and 6000rpm, this is more car than you could ever wish for. For those of you who can almost afford it, good luck taking out a same day loan for that baby.

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