Google is Embracing Role as an Automaker



Google is stepping into the world of carmakers with a car that drives itself. The company has announced that it won`t limit itself developing self-driving technology and plans to become a manufacturer of self-driving vehicles. Taking into consideration the tech giant`s pioneering role in the autonomous car space as well as a number of patents it has been awarded recently, this news hasn`t come as a surprise to those following the industry closely.

Google`s self-driving car won`t have steering wheel, an accelerator or brakes. The tech giant wants to prove that a new transportation means will enable passengers to travel safely at a speed not exceeding 25 miles per hour. Occupants will only state their destination and won`t have no other role in the car`s operation.

Google has been developing its self-driving car over the years, and now it`s ready for its next big leap. The car will look as something between a golf cart and the back seat of a taxi. The amenities inside the car are very basic: two seats with belts, stop and start buttons, as well as screen showing the vehicle`s assigned route.

The frame of the vehicle is made of steel, but the front face is made of a soft foam that causes less damage in an accident.

It`s price is not disclosed yet. However, Google officials say that the prototypes will hit the road this summer.

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