How to Choose the Best Used Car


The automotive market is full of used vehicles and they still fly off the shelf. Such cars have a lot of advantages in comparison with absolutely new ones. People choose them because of lower prices, lower ownership expenses and reduced taxes. Also, you’re able to buy a nicer car, than you would be able to afford new.

If you don’t have the preferred model, you, probably can face some difficulties when choosing. The first question you should find an answer is: “How many people will you carry?” Mostly, cars can carry five people, but if you need more, look for a vehicle with a third row seat (SUVs and minivans). Also, determine for yourself how much cargo do you carry? Every car has a trunk for your luggage, but if you need more space, choose the car with the rear seat that folds down, or even the car (sedans mostly) having the front seat that can fold flat for extra long items carrying.

Then, evaluate your driving experience. Some people enjoy driving, they want to feel the road, but in parallel with this they need a practical unit, helping them with daily tasks. Today the automotive industry provides their customers with a number of sedans and wagons, making a good balance between these two requirements. On the other hand, it’s also quite easy to find the simple car for the basic transportation – economical, fuel-efficient and reliable.

The next important step you should do – to choose the safety features of your future car. It’s really important, especially when you have children.
● Antilock brake system. If you don’t have ABS the wheels of your vehicle can lock up when braking. That’s dangerous because the vehicle is plowing ahead in whatever direction. ABS helps the driver to retain the control while braking.
● Electronic stability control. This system helps the driver to keep his vehicle on the intended path when turning. It’s important when the road is slippery after rain. Also, it helps the car not to roll over.
● Air bags for the head protection. All the crash tests have shown the benefit of such feature. Nowadays there are two types of air bags: standard side air bag and the curtain air bags. Standard side air bag covers the area of the seat, while the curtain air bag covers the front and the rear windows.
● Safety belt additional features. To avoid neck injuries, it was created the special adjustable upper anchor, crossing the chest instead of the neck.

Now you need to check it. First, check the reliability record. This is a good way to reduce risks before shopping. Then, pay attention to the window sticker. In every used vehicle offered for sale there must be the “Buyer’s Guide”, required in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission. Such list contains useful information about the car you should know. If there’s no such a list that means, that the seller gives you no guarantee according to the car. Next step is to assess the exterior of the car. The good car should be without chipped paint, chipped windows or broken lamp housings. Use the magnet in order to find the areas repaired with plastic. The main sage of the car checking is the interior and under hood inspection. Cracked dashboard, missing knobs and missing buttons, sagging driver’s seat – all of that you can find inside of the car and all of that can be dangerous. The “filling” of the car can seem normal, especially if you haven’t any knowledge in this sphere. That’s why, take your friend with you or hire a specialist.

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