McLaren LM5 Concept with BMW V10


It is not not known whether the design of the new McLaren MP4-12C will age well and look relevant years later, but undoubtedly the British supercar’s looks are unexciting, especially when compared to the likes of the Ferrari 458 Italia. That doesn’t seem to be the case though with this conceptual proposal for a flagship McLaren supercar from Matt Williams.¬†Williams, who created the LM5 as part of his final year project, designed the mid-engined supercar to sit atop the MP4-12C essentially playing the role of the F1’s spiritual successor.
The F1 encouraged the design of the LM5 which retains the same three-seat layout as the original model with the driver in the middle and two passengers on either side. The LM5 has its own individual and rather aggressive styling personality (unlike the MP4-12C…)
The LM5 was designed to be powered by a massaged version of the BMW M5 / M6 5.0-liter V10 – apparently paying homage to the original F1 that sported a BMW M Division sourced and developed V12 engine.

McLaren-LM5-1 McLaren-LM5-2

McLaren-LM5-3 McLaren-LM5-4

McLaren-LM5-5 McLaren-LM5-6

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