Buying a Car? You Need These Tips


Buying a car is always a risky venture. However, it does not always need to be a hassle if you follow our tips and guidelines and make the best decision for your budget.

Avoid impulse buying

Don`t forget you are buying either the most or second most expensive item of your life, and you will probably make mistakes if you do everything in a hurry. Purchasing a vehicle on a whim is a gamble and may result in poor performance and other issues later on. Thus, no matter how excited you are about finally having your dream car, always take a moment to consider all the possibilities of problems to be able to avoid them in the beginning.

Don’t judge a vehicle by its shiny exterior

Always do diligent research before making a final decision. There are many tools and websites (,, etc.) available for car buyers to check the price of the vehicle, its history, customers` reviews as well as quality control ratings. Getting as much information as you can will help you to select a more reliable vehicle at a better purchase price.

Test drive the vehicle

Test driving the car you want to buy is an essential procedure which can`t be ignored. Comfort and safety should be the main reason for doing it. Test drive the car not only on the dealer`s designated route but also take it out on the highway and test it at under different conditions. This will help you to avoid buying a car with a defect.

Check the car history

Doing this will prevent you from buying a flood-damaged or wrecked car. Ask the dealer to provide “warranty history” report, which will tell you about all repairs the vehicle was subjected to and all the problems it had before.

Negotiate Terms

Purchasing a car is a major investment you will be paying off for the next 4-5 years. So do everything to knock the price down and don`t feel bad about walking away from offers you are not happy with.

Focus on Purchase Price, Not on Monthly Payment

Car dealers may offer you a very attractive monthly payment, but don`t yield to it, as it can be attached to a 72-month loan. Always negotiate based on the purchase price of the vehicle. Make sure it doesn`t include hidden costs and add-ons.

Don’t Buy the Extended Warranty

The extended car warranty provided by the dealer is very expensive, and the coverage is often restricted and does not include the costs of many types of mechanical failures. Especially avoid buying extended warranty if it is going to be financed as part of your car loan. The cost of the warranty with interest will be exorbitant.

Seek legal protection

Despite all the tips provided above to help you reduce the risk of being stuck with a lemon, not all defective cars can be avoided. If your vehicle has issues, don’t hesitate to seek legal protection. Contact a Lemon Law and Dealer Fraud Attorney Hovanes Margarian at 818.553.1000 for FREE CASE REVIEW.

If you have any other tips for buying a new or used car, feel free to share them in the comments.

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