Do You still Wash your Car? Nissan Has Something New to Offer


Nissan new car model unveiled on Thursday is reported to be able potentially to put an end to endless car washes.  The automaker is experimenting with a particular super-hydrophobic paint known as Ultra-Ever Dry that it’s claiming to be “self-cleaning” for vehicles. It has been specially manufactured by UltraTech International to be exceedingly water- and oil-resistant .

The automaker states in press-release that creating a defensive layer of air between the paint and environment helps to effectively stop standing water and road spray from creating dirty strains on the vehicle’s surface.

The company`s statement says, that the paint, which is being experimented on the Nissan Note, has “responded adequately” to normal weather conditions, including frost, sleet, standing water and snow. According to  Nissan its engineers will keep on testing the special paint over the next few months at Nissan’s Technical Center in Europe.

The automaker has no current plans to offer the new paint to consumers as a standard option, however it is considering possibility to offer it as an aftermarket product.

The video shows the “self-cleaning” paint in action.

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