The 2014 BMW i8 – BMW`s First Plug-In Hybrid Review


Right here in this article we will going to highlight down all about the latest and brand new model of review. As we all know that BMW is one of the most wanted and demanding automobile companies all over the world. This BMW i8 was initially introduced inside the market as the BMW Concept Vision Efficient Dynamics. The very first car was revealed out for the buyers in the year 2009 during the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Here we would like to mention for the readers that basically BMW i8 is based upon the gasoline-powered concept car.

In the below article we will going to have a detailed discussion all about the BMW i8 Bmw’s First Plug In Hybrid 2014 model features.



  1. BMW i8 Bmw’s First Plug In Hybrid has been all installed with the 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. According to the estimation the battery has the power of giving away the all-electric range of 35 km.  The production version gives away the average fuel efficiency of less than 2.5 L/100 km all the way through the accessibility of New European Driving Cycle in the company of carbon emissions of less than 59 g/km.
  1. In addition the design of the BMW i8 coupe prototype that is all based on the BMW i8 Concept.
  1. The i8 has been all accompanied in the setting of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic that gives away the passenger cell lightweight, aerodynamically optimized body by means of BMW eDrive technology that offers the dynamic performance of a sports car that expectedly performs the 0 to 60 mph sprint time of less than 4.5 seconds using both power sources.
  1. Apart from it the hybrid power of the BMW i8 Bmw’s First Plug In Hybrid has been all set inside the three-cylinder, 1.5-liter BMW TwinPower turbo gasoline engine joint in the company of BMW eDrive technology that helped in giving away the maximum power of 231 hp (170 kW).
  2. The BMW i8 is the very first production model by BMW that has been powered by a three-cylinder gasoline engine and the resulting specific output of 154 hp per liter of displacement is on a par that is equal to the performance level of the sports car engines. This is one of the highest engines produced by BMW Group.
  1. Inside BMW i8 Bmw’s First Plug In Hybrid the electric motor serves with the maximum power of 131 hp and delivers out with the maximum torque of around 236 lb-ft from standstill. The highest and fastest top speed in electric mode is in the region of 75 mph in the company of a maximum driving range of up to 22 mi.
  1. The BMW i8 has been all added with the controlled top speed of 155 mph.

So here we have all ended with the exciting and interesting features of BMW i8 Bmw’s First Plug In Hybrid! We hope that this article would have helped you a lot in getting closer with the favorite and best choice of your dream car.

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