The Chinese Toyota Vitz


All the fans of Toyota out there just get ready because here we have the brand new and latest Chinest Toyota Vitz that has just newly banged inside the market place. Here we would like to mention for the readers that Toyota has been known out as being one of the most famou and well known automobile companies all over the world. Toyota started off their journey from the place Japan and this has been the main reason that Japan has been even called with the name of “Toyota City” as well. Toyota has even known with another name “Vitz”. But that’s just not the name of the company as they have even introduced with the new car model named as “Vitz”. In China Vitz is called with the name of “Toyota Yaris”.


Here we would like to mention another thing that is surely not known in many people that Toyota Vitz has been made from the blend functioning of two vehicles i.e. 2013 Vios model that is quite similar with the Yaris sedan all accessible in the Asian market as well as the 2013 European Yaris and its Hybrid version that has been all installed with the powerful front bumper. Moreover the exterior side of the car has been designed complete different from the previous models but the interior side of the ca is quite resembling with the Vios in the company of few buttons as well as trimming pieces that are replaced from one another.


The pictures of Chinese Toyota Vitz have been already posted up on the Toyota websites so that the buyers can get better idea about the designing of the car. This car has been already launched in Saudia Arabia. For the launching ceremony the company made the choice of Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to the people this new Chinese Toyota Vitz is much more stylish and full of life looking in appearance as most of its features are unexpectedly wonderful looking for the eyes. This car is energetic and charming just like Cristiano Ronaldo and this has been the main reason that he has been selected as being the brand ambassador for the new Yaris 2014. But we can surely say one thing that most of the buyers who will going to catch this car will be one of the biggest fans of Football as well because their favaorite player is even driving out in the same car like them.


This Chinese Toyota Vitz has been all accessible in two powerful enginem such as 1.5 or a 1.3-liter gasoline engine. The engines have been all loaded with the superb two gearboxes i.e. four-speed automatic or five-speed manual. In addition for the very first time Vitz has been all installed with the exceptional and marvelous EPS (Electric Power Steering) control.

So all the Toyota loves out there just hold your heart beats because very soon Chinese Toyota is arriving in the market to take away your nigh sleeps.

Hellen is an auto mechanic she works with used car parts suppliers in scrap yards Ireland, She lives with her family and she loves to drive her car on long road.

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