The Ugliest Vehicles of 2011 you’ll Never Want to Drive


Well, this is 2011 not probably 1970s when car was just a means of transportation. Here not only functionality, not only comfort and speed, but design is also of utmost importance.

Taking into account how developed car industry is nowadays, the existence of badly designed cars is just unforgivable.

So, let’s see which the ugliest vehicles of 2011 are:

Nissan Quest: Yes this is not the ugliest car ever, but I didn’t expect Nissan to have such a careless design. Being a minivan type car means being big both from inside and outside. Why should I buy a huge minivan with small interior? Another thing I don’t like in this design is the huge difference of its front and back parts. Its front part is ritualistically stylish while the back part reminds me minivans of 1990s.

Nissan Cube: It seems Nissan wasn’t in the mood of design this year. Nissan has released a third generation Cube, and looking at it, you’ll surely feel the same as I did. Nissan had better stop on the second generation! With that short stubby front end, square body, ridiculously shaped windows and drooping rear bumper, this car looks neither fun, nor youthful. Maybe Nissan wanted it to look stylish but it ended up with the ugliest car that is made as if to have no owner.

I would continue my list of ugliest vehicles of 2011 with another Nissan model-Nissan Murano, but I don’t want you to think that I’m here to throw mud on Nissan and only, when there are so many bad designed cars.

Spider-Man Celica: One of the ugliest cars of 2011 is considered to be the spider-man Celica.  The car overall could look as a great sport car if only there wasn’t that lattice printed on it.

Yellow Spinosaurus: Well, the first thing I didn’t like in this car is its color. It is a probably a Lady Gaga inspired design: it is not original, it is weird. It could be interesting if only the designer was wise enough to choose different colors that way highlighting its design, but in a bright monotone yellow I can just bring this car in the list of the ugliest cars of 2011.

Wizards Custom Bike: I look at this bike design and think: “Why on the earth should someone design it in this way, and who will dare to ride it?” What can be an inspiration for this? It resembles me a cut off mule.

So, let’s end our list of ugliest vehicles of 2011, but these are only some of the badly designed cars of 2011, there are a lot of others that can easily appear in this list. If you have your own “favorites” of ugliest cars share them with us, and I promise to include them in this list.

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