Truck Service Body Leveraging on Green and Sustainable Trends


To leverage on sustainable trends in the truck service body industry lots of things must be in place. To be the largest global producer of composite service and utility bodies means that there has to be secure storage perhaps in yards in dozens if not hundreds of acres. Ultimately, the top makers of truck service bodies are well cut out for this and have prepared accordingly.

This allows a company to invest heavily in enhancing quality and increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process and the result is being ISO 9001:2008 Certified. The ideal facility leveraging on green and sustainable trends is designed in a way that holds new processes of manufacturing towards the production of truck service bodies, inserts and toppers. Such strategic moves help in strengthening both manufacturing and operations capacities that provide unmatched quality and rapid delivery times for truck body users.

Sustainable manufacturing winning the green battle

It is also an important move for any company to have lots of space since the current market is demanding lots of lightweight material technology productions especially after the rising energy prices that mandated the government to start campaigning on reduced emissions while increasing saving of fuel or fuel economy in truck bodies. This is why the welded old service bodies made of steel are expected to lose much ground in the current market since they are not really the default choice for many people anymore. Obviously, heavy steel service body productions and maintenance is unsustainable and lightweight but efficient truck bodies are winning the sustainability and Eco friendly battle.

When it comes to the selection of a truck body, some of the main points many people look at include vehicle application, cargo access and requirements, body and chassis matching and dimensions and body.


The first thing to think about when looking for a truck service body is exactly what it will be used for. There are many uses today such as construction debris, compressors, piping materials, parts, tools, sod pallets, perishable items, dry goods or even gravel and sometimes a combination of products. The maximum load weight also has to be determined before a choice is made and whether the load will be constant or it will be changing in the course of the day. It is also possible the truck will be pulling a trailer and the cargo and trailer total weight also has to be determined so that it is clear what kind of chassis capacity and body spec will be required.

Body type

Even when looking for a truck service body that leverages on sustainable trends you need a tough and reliable body well crafted for your kind of needs. Beyond Eco friendly issues, you must think about the cargo that the body will carry and how it will be unloaded or loaded as well as whether the cargo will require some special protection from the elements or theft.

Your needs and truck body

Temperature requirement are some of the things that make the choice of a truck body very important. Applications include heavy demolition, landscape and construction where a dump bed works fine and service or utility body works well for general construction, ferrying of mobile equipment, air and heating, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and much more. You can also find dry van bodies, refrigerated bodies and flatbeds to consider when looking for a body truck that fits your current needs.

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