What makes Porsche Macan a Bestseller?


Spy shots, rumors, and leaks have been going on for months now, and it’s time to make things official. The newly released Porsche Macan plans to become a bestseller. The revolutionary vehicle is a compact SUV, and prices will start as $49,000 in the United States.  The main idea of a crossover Porsche might somehow seem awkward for some people, but get this: Porsche Cayenne SUV, Macan’s big brother, justifies for roughly ½ from the company’s sales on a global scale. That’s sort of a big deal for the Volkswagen Group, which is Porsche’s owner, from various reasons.

Small sales, huge profits

Porsche doesn’t have that many sales, but the good thing is that they’re incredibly profitable. In 2013, the Volkswagen Group sold cars worth $7.85 million. Out of all those vehicles 1.6% were Porsches. In the first half of 2013, Porsche accounted for 22% from the group’s net profit. The compact Macan is an appealing package SUV with a twin-turbo V6 engine and 340 horsepower, a dual-clutch transmission, a 7 speed, and an intricate all-wheel-drive system.

As far as the interiors are concerned, the car is covered in leather. The Macan is additionally included in the high-tech category of cars thanks to its departure warning system and adaptive cruise control. Furthermore, there’s diesel version of the car but it’s not available in the US just yet.

Great expectations for Porsche Macan

With a starting price of $49,900, Porsche Macan will certainly manage to draw some attention. Featuring appealing packages and competitive starting prices, the Volkswagen Group has great expectations for their new jewel. The vehicle shares the characteristic side angles of a 911 and it has the height of a Porsche Cayenne. As a matter of fact, Macan looks much like its older brother.

The makers are hoping for the entry-level SUV to fill out a portfolio the exact same way as Cayenne (luxury SUV) and Panamera (luxury sedan). This mix of exquisite vehicles is complimented by neighbors Land Rover Evoque and Audi Q5, two of the most sold cars in the world. Rumor has it that Porsche will sell around 55,000 units per year, while some other voices have said the Macan might reach 75,000.

Porsche Macan – a powerhouse

The off-road capabilities of the Macan are available in the shape of an off-road mode that’s optimized to offer traction in snow and dirt. The car’s suspension can be lifted to an approximate angle of 26 degrees, which is a decent figure if we were to consider the vehicle’s smaller nature. On the inside, Porsche Macan features leather-appointed seats, a 5-inch colors display, center-mounted dials, and a sport-steering wheel. Upgrades such as the lane departure warning, the Chrono package, carbon fiber trim, and active cruise control are at your disposal.

Considering that we’re talking about a Porsche, the handling performance of the Macan was extremely important for its manufacturers. Porsche decided to make the vehicle have the lowest gravity center possible, but still be able to provide sufficient clearance for light off-roading and comfortable riding. The Macan is Porsche’s 5th model of the line-up, and thus far it managed to generate a lot of buzz. The company reached record sales in the U.S. as all engineers are working hard to maintain the pipeline fresh and constantly updated with the latest improvements.

The future’s bright for Porsche Macan

Introduced roughly 10 years ago, Cayenne was Porsche’s best-selling cars. Currently, the company is planning to upgrade their factory in Leipzig, and make a $655 investment. The factory is building Panameras and Cayennes, and it will soon enough produce Macans as well. Rumor has it that Porsche is considering to include a 2-door version of the Macan as well, similar to the format currently provided by the acclaimed Range Rover Evoque.

The future’s bright for Porsche Macan from numerous reasons. Apart from an extremely convenient starting price, the car features killer packages that buyers will certainly appreciate. The SUV is planning on breaking records, and although it’s still not as famous as the Cayenne, things are about to change. The vehicle promises to be a valuable member of the Porsche team, and the media is already predicting that the Macan will become a bestselling car in the next couple of months.

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