Why Google Driverless Cars Make Most Automakers and FBI Worried?


Technology that will allow vehicles to operate with minimal input from human drivers is being developed by a few automakers, including Toyota, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Google has recently joined the list of carmakers pushing towards making driverless cars. The company has announced that it won`t limit itself developing self-driving technology and plans to become a manufacturer of self-driving vehicles.

Major automakers refrain from cooperating with Google out of apprehension that their identities could become submerged. Nissan Motors chief executive and head of France’s Renault Carlos Ghosn said that car manufacturers can benefit from collaborating with Google, but most of them still hesitate whether it’s a wise step.

Nissan, AG’s Audi, Volkswagen, Honda Motor Co and General Motors have joined Google to establish the Open Automotive Alliance to have the Android operating system integrated into their cars.

Japan’s third-biggest car maker has ambitious goal to become the first to introduce driverless vehicles on a mass scale, according to Reuters. As stated by the Nissan chief, a commercial version of its own self-driving vehicles will be introduced by 2020. To reach its goal, the automaker will introduce systems designed to allow automated parking of cars and allow driverless vehicles to negotiate crowded highways, no later than 2016.

The automakers were not alone to be worried about driverless cars. The FBI have serious concerns about their potential impact. In particular, the law enforcement agency is reportedly concerned that criminals can use driverless cars to conduct freeway shootouts and high-speed car chases, The Guardian reports. As the vehicles drive themselves, passengers are free to do anything they want without fear of it crashing. According to the FBI, driverless cars can become “lethal weapon” in the arms of terrorists who can use them for bomb attacks on civilian targets.

In the meantime, the FBI acknowledges that driverless cars could have positive impact either. In particular, the number of serious vehicle crashes on the roadways will be essentially decreased because of their built-in safety and navigational technologies.

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